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Subject: FW: El Kahir Vintage Auto car raffle- 1969 AMC Ambassador 2 dr hard top
Date: May 28, 2013 7:51:13 PM CDT
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Subject: El Kahir Vintage Auto car raffle- 1969 AMC Ambassador 2 dr hard top
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My name is Noble Robert Zimmerly. I am President of El Kahir Shrine Vintage Autos Unit. We are from Cedar Rapids, Ia. We have the honor of raffling a 1969 AMC Ambassador 2 door hard top this year. We are selling tickets now and will sell up to the raffle time of November 7th 2013. This car is in nice shape! It had 64,820 miles on the car when we picked it up. This car belonged to one of our Nobles in the Vintage Auto unit. This Noble has passed away now and his wife asked us to raffle this car off as a fund raiser for the shrine. This car wintered in a shed and only came out to parade for the Shriner's parades. We are driving this car to several parades and a couple of car shows in the local area to help sell tickets for this raffle. So, there will be several hundred extra miles on it at the time of the raffle. The car runs nice and drives nice! This car has a 343 v-8 and auto transmission. It is the SST model. Very clean inside and out.
Would you please let your club member and friends know about our raffle and share the pictures that I have included. If you have any questions about this car you can contact me at 319-334-7353(Rob) or you can email me atzimmerly1@wildblue.net or you can call our Shrine center at 319-395-0109(Julia). The Ticket prices are $5.00 per ticket or a book of 5 tickets for $20.00 . We will draw the winning ticket on November 7th 2013 and the car can be picked up on November 8th 2013.
Please check out our web site with more details about the raffle. http://elkahir.org/?p=2117

Noble Robert Zimmerly, President
El Kahir Vintage Autos Unit
Cedar Rapids, Ia.

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