Concord disc brake caliper mounting brackets

You need to get a pair of the brackets for a 79-80 AMC disc brake setup.
Make sure you point out it's the bracket between the spindle and
steering knuckle. I'm forwarding this to the AMC list in case someone
has an extra pair. Unfortunately I don't. Most people get everything,
including the spindles, from a donor car.
If you didn't remove them or you're unfamiliar with AMCs the bracket is
easily overlooked.

All other makes I know of used a one piece spindle/knuckle assembly
since at least the mid 60s. AMC stuck with the three piece design for
flexibility -- it was easy to change brake assemblies and steering arms
for different car without creating a new large assembly for each model.
The bigger manufacturers made enough of each model it was probably
cheaper to make several unique integrated assemblies instead. Most
models had their own assembly plants, so there was little chance of
parts getting mixed up, and each plant only stocked what was needed for
that particular model. AMC assembled everything at one plant, so parts
inventory would be easier with more parts shared.

I just looked at the Scarebird site. The header on the products page
does indeed say "Rear Disc Brake Kits", but if you look at the kits that
are underlined you find that many are indeed front disc kits. I sent
them an e-mail about this, they should make it clear which kits are
front and rear.

The Scarebird kit uses the DRUM brake spindle. The only difference
between the drum and disc brake spindles are the thickness of the "back"
-- where it mounts to the steering knuckle. The rotors have a different
offset than the drum brake hubs. The different thickness of the spindle
mounts account for the bracket and rotor offset.

Peter Gaultney wrote:
> I do have the "slide frame" - I suppose that's the other part that I
> definitely needed, as you say. In fact, I have the dust shields, old
> (rebuildable) calipers, rotors that actually look like they might be
> in good enough shape to use as is, and the disc spindle (which is
> close, but not exactly the same as my drum brake spindle). I bought
> new calipers for $18 a piece, and a set of pads for $25 or so. So I
> have everything I need except for that mounting bracket. But no, I
> don't directly have a donor car. Which is why I appear to be stuck.
> The scarebird website confused me - the page was titled 'rear disc
> brakes', but maybe that's a mistake? I don't know. Obviously, it'd
> be nice if I could use these other parts, since I already spent about
> $150 on the ones that I can't return. But maybe that's impossible. =(
> Another thing - I'm upgrading from drums, so....if I WERE to get the
> scarebird setup, I would use the drum spindle? Or something else? Or
> would the kit make that clear, even though this isn't for a Javelin?
> Well, thanks for your help, and anything else you think might be worth
> bringing to my attention would be appreciated.
> Peter G.
> On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 10:46 PM, Frank Swygert > wrote:
> The only thing I can suggest is that you join the AMC-List
> ( ) and/or the AMC Forum
> ( ) and post a
> wanted message. But read on, I may have a better suggestion...
> I'm assuming you ordered new parts to get the calipers and rotors?
> You also need the disc brake spindles as well as the caliper
> brackets. For 79-80 Bendix sliding calipers you need the caliper
> adapter (mount that goes between the spindle and the steering
> knuckle) AND the "slide frame" that the caliper actually mounts
> in, and bolts to the bracket. 81-82 GM pin mount calipers also
> have a "frame" that bolts to the adapter. In other words, if you
> bought parts and didn't have a donor car, you're probably out of
> luck, or will spend more than you bargained for. The last complete
> 79-82 AMC setup I saw sold for around $300, and then the calipers
> should only be used as cores (rebuilt calipers are fairly cheap,
> around $25-$30 each). The rotors might need turning, and they
> might be worn are warped to the point they need replacing -- at
> around $50 each.
> If you did buy new parts, can you take them back, maybe for a
> store credit? Then you can buy the Scarebird kit
> ( ). They list it for
> 68-69 Javelin, but it fits ALL AMCs that came with drum brakes up
> front. It's not complete -- it's a special bracket with a couple
> machined spacers and a parts list. It uses common GM calipers and
> late 80s/early 90s Ford Ranger rotors, and a few other
> miscellaneous items, all detailed with part numbers in the kit
> docs. For about $400 total you have good factory type front disc
> brakes -- that includes the $179 for the Scarebird kit. Not bad
> considering everything except the spindle is new! Because the AMC
> factory parts are hard to find in most areas, especially since
> scrap metal prices jumped, I have been recommending the Scarebird
> kit. If you're upgrading from another AMC disc brake system, you
> can still use the Scarebird kit. You may have to use washers as
> spacers between the caliper and bracket to get the caliper to
> center correctly, but it should work. Of course the old Bendix
> four piston disc brakes (66-70) use the same spindle as drum
> brakes and everything should work correctly with the Scarebird
> kit. Other disc brake spindles are usually thicker than drum
> spindles. Those can be machined/ground down to work, but
> everything should be test fit and a careful measurement made to
> determine how much to take off the bolt bosses.
> Peter Gaultney wrote:
> I know this is a total shot in the dark, and it's unfair of me
> to expect you to have any idea, but....I don't suppose you'd
> know where I could pick up a pair of caliper mounting brackets
> from a 79-82 AMC Concord? I'm trying to do the disc brake
> conversion that you recommended on a forum somewhere, and I
> got all the other parts (and thought I had gotten those, too,
> but apparently I didn't), so I'm pretty desperate for these
> parts at this point.
> Any help you can offer would be tremendously, tremendously
> appreciated.
> Thank you,
> :-Peter Gaultney
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