Fw: Hydraulic Clutch 85 AMC Eagle

I called Rick and let him in on some of the issues I've had with these. Seems he might have a bad master on his hands. I thought at first of my '83 J10 where it was tough to shift, but it was low on oil. Then the pilot bearing that wasn't swapped during a clutch change (welded itself to the shaft while I was waiting for a red light)
What they are having trouble with is the pedal disappears after sitting a couple days. I forgot to ask if they were using Castrol brake fluid in that system (I know the other stuff causes issues with the Jeep clutch master cylinders due to lack of lubricity)
Right now it engages just as soon as the pedal is let up.

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The folks called me today and told me abot their transmission problem of whihc I mentioned I would quickly forward it out there for them in case someone here has hd similiar problems and can offer some advise! If you think you can help, please feel free to reply and also copy your reply to Tony below and thanks in advance to all who might!
Eddie Stakes

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Subject: Fw: Hydraulic Clutch 85 AMC Eagle

My 1985 AMC Eagle 6 cly/ 5spd with select drive will not shift into gear with the engine running. The entire clutch has been replaced including the clutch master cylinder and the slave cylinder: new cylinders from American Parts Depot. I am the second owner and the car has less than 120,000 original miles so the replaced clutch was probably the original. It is in above average condition if this problem can be fixed without breaking my checking account.

This sequence of events began because the car needed a new clutch and it was becoming difficult to shift gears; now it is worse. Any help would be greatly appreciated because the vehicle is sitting at a local Jeep repair shop in Port Angeles, Washington. If you are absolutely sure what the solution is phone Rick Derrick, Service Agent at Wilder Auto Center at 800-927-9372 or 360-452-9268 and tell him how to fix Tony Cook's Eagle.

Any and all responses will be forwarded to me by Eddie Stakes.

Tony Cook
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