1967-68 AMC Spindle Cross Reference

This page shows the front brake spindles and thier applications for 1967 and 1968.

Years Models Application Part #
1967 01 six cylinder 317-3440
1967 15, 16, 17, 19 six cylinder standard duty drum brakes
1967 01, 10 V8, drum brakes 317-3441
1967 18 six cylinder, drum brakes
1967 50, 80 drum brakes
1967-8 01 V8, disk brakes 317-7129
1967-8 10, 80 disk brakes
1967 50 disk brakes
1968 70 V8, disk brakes
1968 01, 70 six cylinder 319-1581
1968 15, 17, 19 six cylinder, drum brakes
1968 01, 10 V8, drum brakes 319-1582
1968 18 six cylinder, drum brakes
1968 70, 80 V8, drum brakes
1967 15, 16, 17, 19 six cylinder, heavy duty drum* 317-3441
1968 15, 18, 19 six cylinder, heavy duty drum* 319-1582

* To identify six cylinder heavy duty drum brakes, measure the length of the spindle bolts. Normal duty brakes have spindle bolts that are 2-1/8" and 3-1/4", heavy duty are 2-1/2" and 3-5/8".


Note that AMC only used two different front wheel bearings and spindle lengths. All drum, four piston Bendix disc (66-70), Kelsey-Hayes disc (71-74), and 2.6" piston (small) Bendix disc brake hubs use the same wheel bearing set (National/BCA A2 outer, A6 inner) and spindle length. 74-78 3.1" piston (big) Bendix disc brakes use larger diameter bearings (National/BCA A16 outer, A17 inner) and a slightly longer spindle. The differences in the spindles above have not all been documented. The bolt pattern is the same, so they will all physically interchange. Obviously heavy duty six and V-8 drum brake spindles have a thicker mounting flange than standard spindles. It is believed (but not confirmed) that disc brake spindle flanges are thinner than drum brake flanges to offset the thickness of the disc brake adapter that mounts between the spindle and steering knuckle. There are at least three different flange thicknesses -- possibly more.

In general, if swapping brake types the entire spindle/hub/adapter (for discs) assembly should be swapped to maintain correct spacing and geometry. Frank Swygert (Publisher, American Motors Cars magazine) has verified that a 1979 disc brake hub/rotor will fit a 1963 Classic six spindle, and the 63 drum brake hub will fit the 79 spindle. The thickness of the spindle flanges are, however, different. A 79 disc caliper will not properly center over the rotor using a 63 drum spindle. It could be centered using spacers between the spindle/disc brake adapter/steering knuckle in the correct combination, but it is safer and easier to use a complete matched assembly. If using different bolts always remember to get correct length GRADE 8 bolts.