282 VAM AMC 6

Hey Mike, on the VAM AMC 282 six cylinder, those were for Mexican market, not US.
Ironically however you can go to Auto Zone here in US (at least in Houston) and they have
in their computers 282-6 parts if you asked for them. Your best bet on getting one would
be to simply buy a cheap AMC on the Mexican side of border and have them get the vehicle
to US side. Easier to get a car from US into Mexico than vise versa however.

I would love to have a Llanero Jeep (built in Venezuela for Venezuelan AMC market)


and have been looking for years for a nice Matador AMX


or nice Mexican VAM Gremlin



and have only found 2 of the Matador AMXs thru years both orange, and both in crappy
shape, and three Gremlins have passed on as bad condition.

Would really like to find a nice shape Lerma those 5 door Spirits built by VAM



and have only ever seen 5 or so for sale. Sometimes Mexican AMCers I have sold AMC stuff
to thru years spot one for sale down there and send me information, but usually long gone
by time I reply, (or too pricey) to consider. Imagine going to a AMC meet in one of those
people would think you built a Spirit limosine. Most of the above were offered with the
VAM 282 "big six" also. Happy hunting,

"Michael C Canada"

Hi guys I have a guy locally that is obsessed about getting a 300 CID 6 that sapposidly
was used in Mexican AMC cars, for his Jeep. Does this motor realy exist and is it worth
getting and does any body have one or know how to get one?
Eddie Stakes

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