Adjusting Pressure on Saginaw Power Steering Pumps

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From: Mark Price

Subject: Re: Power steering Q

Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 10:00:00


[IIRC] the P/S in the Rebel V-8 cars had the funky pump with the wingnut to hold the cover on. I believe this pump ran a different pressure [I can't recall wether it is more or less] than the new pumps.

You don't need to change the box unless it's bad though. It's very easy to alter the pressure output of the G.M. pumps! You simply pull the high pressure hose,remove the big nut that it goes into, then pull out the spring and the little valve that is in there. When you look at this valve you will see that there is a nut on one end. This is the tricky part as you must VERY Carefully secure the valve in a vise and remove the nut. Being real cautious not to bend or damage the valve or it's machined surfaces in any way!

Once you get the nut off, you'll find that there are one or more thin washers under this nut. These washers are what determines the pressure output of the pump. Add washers to decrease pressure, and improve road feel, take away washers to increase pressure, and remove road feel. You can get washers from any off the G.M. P/S pumps ,be it old or new style. The washers are the same. simply adjust the pressure to your liking by feel. The only danger is too much pressure will damgae the box, so I'd stack some extra washers on the valve then remove them till you get it where you like it. I've got a whole crap load of washers added to the pump in the American as I didn't realy want much assist, just the quicker steering ratio of the power box.

Let me know if you need any more info on this.

Mark Price - Morgantown, Westvirginia